External Bundle Cleaning Robot - E 930 XL

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The new totally reinforced external bundle cleaning robot mod. E 930 XL has been designed to solve the heat exchangers external cleaning job.
The water jet lances, up to 2800 bars (40,000 psi) of max working pressure, has a vertical working range of 185 cm. and an
horizontal working range of 900 cm. which enables it to move closer to the bundle and to be tilted by 90 degrees.
The bundle can also be rotated from the control hut, inside the cabin, by means of a hydraulic rollers system.

  •  Hydraulic power unit with vibration mounting on the frame;
  •  Oil cut-off valve;
  •  Oil compatible wheels for easy relocation on the job site;
  •  Control hut with adjustable seat, opening window, windshield
    wiper, tools compartment;



Lenght 9080 mm
Width 920 mm
Weight 2000 kg
Cabin hut height 1830 mm
Column height (at working) 2700 mm
Number of nozzle 1/5
Flow x nozzle 70 lt
Water pressure till 2800 Bar/40000 PSI
Jet lance horizontal travel 9000 mm
Jet lance vertical travel 1850 mm
Jet lance cross travel 90 degrees


Type Silent-pack Hatz Diesel mod.1D81C
Number of cylinders 1
Cubic capacity 667 cc
R.P.M. 3000
Horse power 10 KW
Cooling system air
Oil tank 140 lt
Oli cooling system air


Video bundle cleaning robot in action


Bundle cleaning robot in action


Optional top rotating heads