About Us

IDROKID ® S.r.l. born from IDROJET ® S.R.l. is unique and well known among the petroleum sector.

It has a long history ( since 1975 ) of working with international oil companies and services companies.

IDROKID personnel has considerable experience; this know how is amplified by the fact that these key personnel are inventors of equipments and methods used productively every day. Without a doubt, those inventions have enhanced the rapid growth of using water as an effective material cutting, demolition and cleaning tool. Some of the projects that our personnel have been involved with are:

  • heat exchangers cleaning systems
  • heat exchangers and pipes transportation systems
  • heat exchangers extraction systems
  • abrasive cutting systems
  • concrete demolition and removal systems


IDROKID innovative philosophy will carry through to all of our design efforts, so our sales and operations are continually expanding and currently enjoy an excellent world – wide reputation with equipment installed on all the word. Our mission is to fulfill the above needed required systems, and to do so at competitive prices.

By working with the people at the top, you will find out that you are in fact saving tremendous amount of time, money and manpower by contacting us Italy. Only then your operations are just a phone call away and things will be done your away. Give us a call and get involved with a progressive company whose main driving force is a need to serve through design and innovative concepts in products and systems.

Scope of Services:

  • Provide highly technical personnel to meet client’s technical consultation and operations needs.
  • Technical support or consultation services by high professional people.
  • Assist client in collecting useful technical data.
  • Assist and plan the technical training program for use of our equipments.
  • Sales of petroleum related equipments.
  • Project feasibility study and research.