Idrokid is now established as the UNDISPUTED LEADER

in the manufacture and supply of heat exchanger cleaning equipment and fully automated systems for the heat exchanger maintenance of pipes in the petro-chemical industries.

Aerial Bundle extractor

The aerial bundle extractor is an autonomous unit, easily lifted by a crane and can be started and controlled by remote control.

Our bundle extractor can equip both a diesel engine and an electric motor.
The extractor is equipped with a spark arrestor in order to operate safely inside the refineries.


Heat exchanger cleaning system

Idrojet has designed several robots, both automatic and manual, to carry out the internal cleaning process in the best possible way.

Straddle Carrier

When the tube bundle is on the ground a transporter robot called straddle carrier, transports and then places it in the washing area where cleaning robot start to wash it, all it without any crane.


Bundle Cut

The bundle cut “Bundle cat 3000″ can cut heat exchangers of different tons of weight and different length with a maximum diameter of 3000 mm.

Decoking unit

The Pigging and decoking machine is a new new decoking ‘s concept from Idrokid S.r.l. for industrial cleaning machines, using the latest technology in fact we can now offer you a new machine that can make you save time and money and run your heaters more efficiently.